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Summer Blues.jpg

About me

I am a Mixed Media Artist, which means I work mostly in acrylic paint typically with additional materials such as gels, mortars, pastes, stencils, cloth and paper collage.

From childhood I was always interested in drawing but not until my mid-fifties did I begin to learn about painting.  I followed courses in both representational and abstract painting, including oils, acrylics, pastels, and watercolours.  


I now enjoy experimenting with different approaches and techniques to capture my emotions and moods. This leads to works in different sizes and shapes and in playful bright colours, revealing the energy of happiness, positivity and joy which is expressed in my paintings. As a former therapist I am aware of the importance of these energies for well-being.

I live with my husband on the seacoast in a beautiful part of the Scottish Highlands called Argyll.

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